Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gods of Ardis - Human Deities

So, Krohll is one of the elder gods of Ardis. In general, they have to do with creation in one aspect or another. Krohll, being a kin-creator, is one of the lesser of the elder gods.

Most human gods are not among them; for the most part, these are the younger gods.

Many of these gods are what happens when wizards or heroes become powerful enough. None of them - not even the elder gods - are anywhere near omnicient. They might notice when they're invoked, especially if the ceremony is attention-grabbing enough, but they do tend to be more watchful in their spheres of influence.

For most of my lesser gods, I like to pull characters from modern myth.

For example:

Errol of the Sword A hero's god. His sphere of influence is victory through dramatic flair. He favors the boldly good. (He won't help much with healing or planning or wisdom, but if you're about to swing from the rigging of a burning ship with an oil-drenched sword in your hand, he's got your back.) The darker side of Errol is that his high rites require propitiation of his darker aspect, Errol of the Cradle. (These rites require the assistance of one or more more-or-less-willing virgins.)

Orson of the Pen A god of creativity, drama and perfectionism; a meticulous planner. Orson's younger manifestation is the patron of painstaking creativity. Wizards like him. Given that most gods are created in the image of their worshppers, most of the gods are creatures of great mediocrity. It is said that the incompetence of the gods caused Orson to rage and storm off; he only returned after taking his manifestation as Orson of The Jug, who is the patron of wine.

Since gods are almost as common as villages, there's really no limit to this sort of thing.


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